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  • How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    Introduction This is me documenting and finally realizing how bad I treated my body. I’m owning up to my horrible habits growing up and learning from it. It’s funny because I didn’t know that I’d be this into skincare if you asked me a couple years ago. I believe that the two most important things […]

  • Mad Hippie Skincare Review

    Mad Hippie Skincare Review

    Another year, another Mad Hippie skincare review! Thank you so much to Mad Hippie for gifting these products to me to try. I absolutely fell in love with the previous products they gave me. If you missed it click here to catch up! The Vitamin A Serum is what introduced me to the new world […]

  • How to Prevent Acne and Pimples: Tips to Avoid Breakouts

    How to Prevent Acne and Pimples: Tips to Avoid Breakouts

    Hello, if you made it on to this page, then you must be in search of some tips for breaking out due to Covid-19 or just because you suffer from acne frequently. You’re in a good place because I’ve drafted up some obvious, and not so obvious tips for you! Hello, I’m Priscilla Wong, I’m […]

  • AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    The ever confusing AHA versus BHA topic. What is AHA and BHA? What’s the difference? How do I choose between them? What type of acid do I use? It’s time to settle this once and for all on here! Honestly, for the longest time, I was confused as well! Until I had enough, and decided […]

  • Vitamin A for the Skin

    Vitamin A for the Skin

    I find myself talking about different skincare ingredients often, and I thought it was about time I round up a bunch of skincare ingredients and discuss them in depth! For your viewing pleasure, as well as mine, I will be discussing what the ingredient is, its benefits, any cons or things to look for/keep in […]

  • The Bare Necessities: 2020 Favourites

    The Bare Necessities: 2020 Favourites

    Welcome to Life with Pris Wong! This week’s blog post I thought I’d share with you my top favourite must have skincare products. Previously I have done a “bare necessities” post as well, where I covered a bunch of different products. Click here to check last Bare Necessities. These products I’m about to list are […]

  • Exfoliating: Basic but Crucial Skincare Step

    Exfoliating: Basic but Crucial Skincare Step

    Welcome back to Life with Pris Wong! This week we discuss all things exfoliation! Why you need to exfoliate, the benefits you didn’t know of, what to look out for, and my top favourite exfoliators out there! So let’s dive right in! Why Exfoliate? To simplify, we exfoliate because we want to get rid of […]

  • Mad Hip(pie) Skincare You Need In Your Skincare Routine

    Mad Hip(pie) Skincare You Need In Your Skincare Routine

            Welcome back to my blog! I’m keeping the skincare product reviews coming! This time I’ve teamed up with Mad Hippie who so graciously sent me over two of their products for me to try. I have seen this brand on select shelves for a very long time and thought this is […]

  • Feeling Fresh

    Feeling Fresh

    Fresh Lotus Collection Product Review If you’re new here, hello! If you’ve come here randomly because you’re curious about my thoughts on these products, hello to you! I hope you find this insightful! At Life with Pris Wong, I strive to provide as much information in each of these products as I possibly can, and […]