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  • How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    Introduction This is me documenting and finally realizing how bad I treated my body. I’m owning up to my horrible habits growing up and learning from it. It’s funny because I didn’t know that I’d be this into skincare if you asked me a couple years ago. I believe that the two most important things […]

  • AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    The ever confusing AHA versus BHA topic. What is AHA and BHA? What’s the difference? How do I choose between them? What type of acid do I use? It’s time to settle this once and for all on here! Honestly, for the longest time, I was confused as well! Until I had enough, and decided […]

  • Social Distancing Tips: Skincare Edition

    Social Distancing Tips: Skincare Edition

    Welcome back to Life with Pris Wong Social distancing is not stopping any of us from working! Many of us were deemed “essential” so are now migrating from working in office to at home. I’m used to working from home, but those that are new due to the Corona Virus, aka COVID-19, will definitely feel […]

  • The 5 W’s of Sun Exposure & Learning your ABCs

    The 5 W’s of Sun Exposure & Learning your ABCs

        Happy June! It’s June now which means summer is here. Which means the season of using sun protection is back! I’m here today to bring you some lessons I’ve learned in my years, along with some research, to tell you more about sun protection. I did a poll on my Instagram awhile back […]