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  • Online Custom Stationary You Need To Know About

    Online Custom Stationary You Need To Know About

    The search for custom graduation cards and invitation ends here! This month’s feature is Basic Invite, an online stationary company that does custom cards for almost every event in your life. Truly custom cards for your wedding, showers, birth announcements, birthday’s, graduation and more, they have a card for everything! About Basic Invite Basic Invite sets […]

  • How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    How I’ve Changed Since 2014

    Introduction This is me documenting and finally realizing how bad I treated my body. I’m owning up to my horrible habits growing up and learning from it. It’s funny because I didn’t know that I’d be this into skincare if you asked me a couple years ago. I believe that the two most important things […]

  • Self care is my 2020

    Self care is my 2020

    2019 reflection | 2020 vision 2019 memories in a nutshell, a gallery: (Tap to view more photos) Hello 2020! Let’s dive right in, shall we 😌 Here’s 2019 in a list: My sister got married! Attended PR events Had a total of 16 dfiferent collaborations (if I counted correctly); beauty and events combined Saw Backstreet […]

  • 8 Ways I Reduced My Anxiety Naturally

    8 Ways I Reduced My Anxiety Naturally

    NOTE: THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MAY 30 2018. DUE TO SITE HOST TRANSFER THE DATE PUBLISHED HERE IS INCORRECT. “Let me tell you something about anxiety: you cannot control it but you can take control over it.” – Pris Wong Life happens. So does anxiety. It’s been recognized in the last few years now […]

  • Here’s the truth…

    I’m going to keep this short and simple.There is major stigma around mental health 👊🏽. And I have and still am experiencing it. Whether I was 5 years old, 13, or 24. Growing up I was always that super sensitive kid, complaining about how I didn’t feel good, which eventually, I was seen as a […]