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  • Hello 2021

    Hello 2021

    HELLO! It’s me again! I’m finally back writing a blog post to give y’all an update of where I’ve been and where I plan to go with this moving forward! I think we can all agree that 2020 was absolute sh**. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone all over the world, and up until the […]

  • AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    AHAs vs BHAs: Acids for Your Skin Explained

    The ever confusing AHA versus BHA topic. What is AHA and BHA? What’s the difference? How do I choose between them? What type of acid do I use? It’s time to settle this once and for all on here! Honestly, for the longest time, I was confused as well! Until I had enough, and decided […]

  • Exfoliating: Basic but Crucial Skincare Step

    Exfoliating: Basic but Crucial Skincare Step

    Welcome back to Life with Pris Wong! This week we discuss all things exfoliation! Why you need to exfoliate, the benefits you didn’t know of, what to look out for, and my top favourite exfoliators out there! So let’s dive right in! Why Exfoliate? To simplify, we exfoliate because we want to get rid of […]

  • Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

    Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

        What’s the Difference? And What Can I Do? Welcome back to Life with Pris Wong. If you’re new here, hello, I’m Pris Wong. I’m from Toronto and I love blogging about skincare, beauty products and the occasional lifestyle topics and events around the GTA.@_darrlene MAIN ACCOUNT This post is a little different than […]

  • There Is Hope For Beauty, and the Planet

    There Is Hope For Beauty, and the Planet

    LOVE BEAUTY & PLANET PRODUCT REVIEW     Happy July! Hope y’all are enjoying the summer season so far! I have been using this trio for months consecutively and it is safe to say that I am in love. And I’m sure the planet is loving me back too. After months of using, my hair […]

  • Petit Vour December Subscription Box

    Petit Vour December Subscription Box

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! PETIT VOUR: DECEMBER BOX SUBSCRIPTION. PHOTO BY PRISCILLA WONG. IG: @lifewithpriswong Hope you had a fantastic holiday and a joyful start to the new year! The end of January is here, and it’s that time for me to provide to you my review for the December box! If you’ve been following […]

  • My 1st Cruelty Free Beauty Box Subscription

    My 1st Cruelty Free Beauty Box Subscription

    Petit Vour: October box In the last two months I came across a brand known as Petit Vour that is authorized to resell cruelty free brands. I immediately loved this idea because they offer monthly subscription box to various brands that are cruelty free. Great for anyone who wants one space in this big world […]

  • Cruelty Free Everyday Makeup Routine

    NOTE: THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED JULY 11TH 2018. DUE TO SITE HOST TRANSFER DATE IS INCORRECT. This week I bring you my everyday makeup must haves THAT ARE ALL CRUELTY FREE. All of these products featured today are ones that I use on a DAILY basis. Over time I have been wanting to convert […]