Why I Chose the Blogger Life




They say good things take time. And it took me while to find my good thing – my intentions of this blog and the real reason why I created this platform. So let’s just say that this pandemic made me realize a lot.

Since I was a pre-teen, I have been interested in blogging sites. I randomly created them just for fun up until University. If you remember the old days with Zuup and AsianAvenue you know where I’m coming from! Until after university (my Tumblr days) I decided to take myself seriously and create a website because I wanted a site where I can put everything I wanted – things I’ve learned and am learning about. I find excitement in researching products, putting the information out there. Most of the time, it is for my own use. If people use it as a guide, even better. I may not have all the answers. I am not a dermatologist, I am not a doctor, I am not a chemist, I am not an expert. I am just a girl who enjoys discovering products that do good for the planet, which ultimately do good for the human body. I would be lying if I sat here and say that I provide my body with only the healthiest foods possible. I try. I don’t believe in counting calories. I eat what I please as I have no allergies or food restrictions of any sorts. I consume carbs like crazy (I am Chinese. Of course, I consume carbs! I can eat all the rice and noodles in any shape or form). Though, that is not starting to catch up to me! Too much carbs makes me bloated.

After 2 years, I have finally just gotten into my niche. In the last year or so, a lot of people opened my eyes to this as well. I am all about the lashes (lash extensions, as my sister is a lash tech and I am her right hand; though I don’t do them myself, I learn off her and am very educated on it) and on beauty! Particularly, the skincare aspect. Over the years, I found myself enjoying the long step process of skincare. Then the roles that toners, serums, oils, essence, moisturizers all play in the skincare regime. Then I found myself more interested in HOW they work – the chosen formulated ingredients in each product, and what the ingredients role is specifically. We know by now that serums penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. But there are a lot of products with different ingredients out there. We have hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, jasmine oil, rosehip oil, tea tree oil and so much more. But what does each ingredient do? Are we aware of it? Most of the time, no. I started this skincare journey just understanding that tea tree oil is good for the skin. Literally, that is it. I did not understand the different ways in which that can be used (and the list for that is endless by the way; I have a book at home that talks about the different uses). Though I may not understand it chemically, I do understand that tea tree oil can be harsh.

Anyways, my point to this is that I love educating in any way that I can. I always love learning. Now one thing you need to understand from bloggers, or influencers, are that we have our own opinions. We support products in which we personally believe in. We support products that have worked well for us. Every person you know reacts different to someone else. For example, the highly rated Briogeo scalp care products for almost everybody works. I tried it because of the reviews. I tried it; it did not work well for me. AT ALL. It made my hair worse – drier, dandruff was worse, and hair did not feel clean. But that is my opinion and experiences, even after using it for a month. Did not work for me. If it works for you, I am so happy. But I am on to finding the love of my life – for my hair.

We support and introduce products to you that work well for us. My realization from this journey thus far, is that even if I am paid in product, that works for me. Because I understand this industry. Small businesses work with others in exchange for their services. That is just how it is in reality. Businesses supporting other businesses. My realization is that I want to be your go-to-guide when you don’t know what to do – with beauty products. I may not have all the answers, but if I can help even just guide you a little, I’ve done my job.

I’ve learned to be more mindful in what I consume and purchase. For my hair, that is an ongoing learning process. I dyed my hair for a couple years, and after awhile I noticed if you don’t keep going back to your stylist often, your hair starts to show its true state. Mine was terrible. My ends were dry, it had no life to it, it was not healthy. The colour just made it worse, and to use hair treatments and masks are just temporary topical treatments. I wanted healthy hair again, so I decided to give my hair some life back (and my bank account let’s be honest). I switched products! I started using Love Beauty and Planet, a sustainable beauty company who is PETA certified cruelty free and vegan. I started becoming aware of the products out there. So, now I look for CERTIFIED beauty companies – cruelty free, vegan, B-Corp, etc. It is important to know what to look for when shopping. There are also additional sources out there that will help you if you are unsure. There are a lot of people who look into these companies to help guide people like us. “Are they really cruelty free? What makes them NOT cruelty free even if they advertise they don’t test on animals”. It’s important to know the right questions! That’s why I am here. I want you to ask the right questions, so you can be educated yourself.

So, ultimately I’ve realized:

1.    I want to be your go-to-beauty guide when you don’t know what to ask
2.    I want you to be mindful of what you’re using
3.    I want you to be mindful of the companies you’re choosing to invest in
4.    I want you to know what to look for
5.    I am not here for numbers. I am here for the community and experiences.
6.    This is my hobby. I find interest in this. I am doing all this research and writing, for me. If others like it, thank you. I see you. I notice you. Even if there aren’t that many of you, as it is not my intention to grow a huge audience.
7.    I am so blessed and am so grateful to where I am today. I have worked with so many brands thus far, and even turned down great opportunities to which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because COVID-19 happened.

Again, I don’t have all the answers. A lot of my work I put out may be wrong as well. If you’re educated on it and have legitimate sources, or are certified, and notice something is written wrong, please educate me! I will correct my work. I am always open to learning.

I want to learn with you. Both parties of a collaboration or partnership must respect and understand one another. In this industry there are many flaws, and many scams (though that’s a different topic in itself). Many “influencers” might not put the effort into what I perceive as fully understanding. To me, this is where I feel I am different. I am a consumer at the end of the day, and I want to be a mindful consumer. I want to understand your company, your product, why you chose this ingredient and its benefits. I want to be a consumer and someone who can influence another to put time and effort into what they are consuming and purchasing. I find it disrespectful for someone to say they support companies because they believe in whatever the company goals are, but not fully doing the rest of the work to understand what you are given or buying, etc.

If you are supporting a company, from an influencer and consumer perspective, and you genuinely like their company, how many of you actually spent the time to research why they started the company, their values, goals, and what they plan to do in the future? As a consumer, it is important to understand their company values and purpose into what they are offering you. That is how, I think, we can truly support them. Not just by supporting them in purchasing their goods, but understand their reasoning of creating it in the first place. It is only way I find that you can do right. It takes years, even close to a decade sometimes to create certain products, so it’s the least we can do.

I hope you join me in this journey. I’m just here for fun. Let’s grow and learn together. Again, everyone has their own opinions. I have my own opinions, and only express my experiences. A lot of what I put out throughout my blog is either researched, or from my own experiences OVER TIME.

Find me on Instagram at LifewithPrisWong. Let’s grow and learn together.

With love,
Pris Wong xo

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