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Fresh Lotus Collection Product Review

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Photo 2020-01-08, 11 25 39 AM.jpg

I was among the first few people to try these and received these products #complimentary from Influenster (Thank you Influenster!). I am so happy I have received these. Though, it is not certain whether Fresh is cruelty-free, there is a lot of controversial whether it is. Multiple sources say they are not. However, Fresh has previously released a public statement that they do not test on animals. However, Fresh is sold in China which bylaw, products are required to be tested. That’s a total other topic though! Regardless, these products are great.

Fresh adheres to strict international safety regulations. At our world-class laboratory, over 200 scientific experts explore new ingredients, technologies, testing methods, and formulation techniques. We do whatever it takes to give you the best experience, even if it means 6 years to develop a single product.

And of course our skincare is formulated without parabens, MIT/MCI, formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, BHA, phthalates, silicones D4 & D6, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban. In fact, we ban hundreds of ingredients and regularly update this list.

(From https://www.fresh.com/us/ourpromise.html)

F.A.Q of Fresh Youth Preserve

What does youth preserve mean?

Youth preserve is about preventing and addressing first signs aging. Our Lotus Collection cares for your complexion by delivering antioxidant protection from invisible aggressors that cause premature aging—plus, boosting radiance and strengthening your skin’s barrier so that it’s radiant, resilient, and youthful-looking.

How is this formula different from the previous Lotus Face Cream?

We enhanced our fan-favorite face cream with new multi-action Super Lotus, a single ingredient extracted from the whole living lotus plant to boost radiance, strengthen the skin’s barrier, and protect from free radicals. Not only did we retain the cream’s beloved lightweight texture, but we also enriched the formula with star fruit leaf extract to smooth skin and create an ideal canvas for makeup.

Does this moisturizer wear well under makeup?

Yes! This lightweight, fast-absorbing formula features star fruit leaf extract to smooth skin and diminish the look of fine lines, creating the perfect canvas for makeup application.

(from Fresh site, click here to view FAQ)

Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer

This best selling moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer infused with the Super Lotus to target the first signs of aging for radiant, resilient, youthful looking skin. The Super Lotus prevents and addresses first signs of aging by boosting radiance in the skin, strengthening the skin’s barrier, and protects the skin from free radicals. In addition, this product has star fruit leaf extract that is added to help smooth the look of fine lines.

It is proven to:

  • provide hydration, radiance and smooth overall skin
  • even skin tones
  • provide stronger, more protected skin barrier
  • soft and supple skin

In addition, this product has:

  • Hyaluronic acid which attracts and maintains water to help increase moisture in the skin
  • Vitamin E that helps to protect, soothe and soften.

My Thoughts:

I am in love with this product. As per usual, I test and use these products for weeks before I post a review so I can authentically review them. The texture is not too thick nor thin. It is great use for both morning and night depending on your preference. I love a moisturizer that can be used effectively at any time of the day. This does not leave your skin feeling greasy or oily after use. My skin feels well hydrated after one use, let alone multiple continued uses. The combination of vitamin E, star fruit extract, and of course lotus has done well for my skin. After long period of use, I found my skin to be soft and hydrated, and my skin felt protected from the harsh environment.

As noted above, this product does include hyaluronic acid which helps to retain moisture in the skin, which personally I have to keep an eye out on. Hyaluronic acid uses the moisture already within your body and within the air around you, which means it can also dry you out. I have used other products with higher doses (like a hyaluronic acid serum) over a period of time and it completely dried out my nose causing random nose bleeds because it took the moisture within the air. In this case, if you have products with hyaluronic acid in them, make sure you use a humidifier to help add more moisture to the air so this doesn’t happen to you as well.

Would I recommend? YES. But as always, you must use products over a period of at least 1-2 weeks consistently to provide maximum results. Every one has different skin requirements, so listen to your skin!

Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream

This cutting-edge night recovery cream is powered by the antioxidant Super Lotus that helps strengthen the skin barrier while fighting dullness and dehydration overnight. It isn’t news that our skin works hard to recover overnight, so this cream does exactly that. The detoxifying moisturizer works while you sleep to smooth, renew, and provide radiant skin. The Super Lotus is extracted from the entire living lotus plant to boost radiance and hydration while protecting from free radical damage. The best part? This product has peach leaf extract that helps the skin recover from any stress!

Over a period of weeks, you will find:

  • your skin feeling recovered from daily stresses (including environmental aggressors and lack of sleep)
  • your skin elasticity and bounce improved
  • your skin texture refined
  • the peach leaf extract helps your skin look, feel refreshed, and de-stressed overnight


Why do I need a night cream?

Our skin never really sleeps; at night skin shifts into recovery mode, recuperating from its daily activity. Moisture loss increases and skin is more receptive to nourishment. A night cream is vital to address skin’s specific needs during this precious time.

Why do I need antioxidants at night?

Antioxidant protection is essential around the clock. Your skin never really sleeps—it works 24/7, shifting into different modes during the day and at night. Just as they do during the day, at night antioxidants continue to fight stressors while you sleep so your skin can work on recovery.

Why is my skin stressed?

Your skin can become stressed by external factors such as pollution, UV exposure, and changing seasons. Stressed-out skin is further amplified by today’s hectic, fast paced lifestyle. Skin is your biggest organ—when you get stressed, so does your skin.


I love night creams. This is nothing new. I lather all the products on my skin to help my skin recover over the day. The texture of this cream is not too thick and not too thin as well. The lost moisture in the skin throughout the day is quickly recovered after using this night cream. I love that this product is curated to help our skin recover from a variety of stress factors. With UV exposure and changing seasons (especially living in Canada) my skin can be just a hectic as the weather you see outside. This moisturizer suits my fast paced lifestyle, and helps to protect it.

I would highly recommend this night cream. The texture is of a good consistency, so it allows you to lather on other serums, essence, oils, etc before or after depending on your preference. Over a long period of use, I found my skin the next morning to be soft and supple, hydrated and overall protected from any skin stressors.

Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream

This lightweight eye cream helps to depuff and smooth the delicate area of the eyes for a radiant, resilient, youthful look.

This eye cream has not only vitamin E, but horse chestnut flower extract that specifically targets and smooths the look of fine lines around the eyes.

Over a long period of time:

  • you will find increased radiance of the skin
  • smooth wrinkles (if you have wrinkles of course)
  • a soft, supple, hydrated eye area

Note that this product also has hyaluronic acid that helps to attract and maintain water to increase moisture.


Why do I need specific eye treatments?

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face—and one of the first areas to show signs of aging—so it needs to be protected and treated with special care. Blinking, squinting, eye rubbing, and removing makeup along with fatigue, dehydration, allergies, and stress can lead to puffiness, fine lines, crow’s feet, dullness, and a loss of elasticity and moisture.

Do I apply eye cream before or after moisturizer?

Eye cream should be applied before moisturizer, but after you’ve cleansed, toned, and applied serum to your skin. Here’s why: Our eye creams are formulated with powerful ingredients that specifically target the eye area, and to reap their benefits, they need to penetrate the skin. Since eye creams are generally thinner than moisturizers, applying your eye cream first will allow it to fully absorb without any barriers.

If I use an eye serum, do I still need an eye cream?

Yes. While eye serums are concentrated with key ingredients to tackle specific eye-area concerns, an eye cream seals everything in and keeps skin hydrated and protected.



I struggle with a little bit of puffiness around the eye, and with my sensitive skin, I found over a period of time this product eliminated some puffiness. Though eye creams are little jars, they are very powerful products. The texture is great and is not too heavy. I have yet to find a product that helps eliminate dark circles (genetically caused might I add). This product is not meant to eliminate dark circles. There is fragrance in this products, however they are light therefore does not irritate the skin.

I would recommend to those looking for eye creams that specifically target fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. However, this is a great product that provides a lot of hydration.


I love that Fresh provides quality products with great ingredients. Fresh aims to provide natural ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science to create beauty products that perform.

For more information, you can find it here.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed this lengthy review. If you have any questions, feel free to drop it down below. If there are any other products you think I should give a try, I’m always up for recommendations on skincare!

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Disclaimer: these products were all gifted from Influenster & Fresh Beauty. Reviews are of my own opinions. Information is all gathered from the Fresh Beauty site. All opinions are my own.

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