My First Year of Blogging – What I’ve Learned So Far

I made it through my first year year of blogging! Throughout this first year, I have grown as an individual, and as a blogger. This journey has allowed me to meet a lot of new people, new bloggers, I’ve been to events/trade shows, and will continue to grow and learn. I’ve worked with brands, and found I absolutely love reviews!

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11 Things I Have Learned So Far In My First Year

You need a team, or a partner. If you want to run a successful business (of any kind) you will want the extra help. Just because you ask for help doesn’t make you look weak or incapable.

Do not compare yourself to others. You work according to your time. You do what works for you. Keep writing, keep researching, keep educating.

It’s okay to take your time to perfect things. I want to keep writing. Writing is what I love. I want to educate those that want to learn. I have a lot of knowledge and wisdom that others may not know. I believe that someone you meet has something to offer you. Each person you know teaches you something.

It’s okay to say no. You will get offers for collaborations. Some will recruit you, some are scams, some you find because you reached out. Know what is worth your time and effort. Know what is real. Do your research.

You will have to invest. And trust that it will be returned back when the time is right.

Trust your learning process. If it no longer suits you, it’s okay to step away. If it no longer allows you to grow or show your potential, think again.

There’s always something new to learn. Everyone you meet along the way, no matter how you meet them, has something new to teach you. They will bring new perpsectives and viewpoints you never would have thought on your own.

Know when to follow the trends. There will always be new trends or challenges emerging. However, it’s also important to be smart and know which are good ones. For example, the tide pod challenge. Must I explain further? *facepalm*

Blogging is hard work, and very time consuming. It is very time consuming, and I may never make money blogging. And that’s okay too because my skill set is continuously growing.

Create plans. Sit down and write down different topics of interest, things that you want others to learn about. Learn to focus on planning ,scheduling and making it interactive.

Step out of your comfort zone. When I first started, I was forced to create a blog post a week (I took an online course that required me to start a blog – which was perfect). You have to reach out and connect with other bloggers, companies, and more.

In the next year, I’m hoping to gain more followers, work with more brands, and hopefully begin monetizing! So please, wherever you are from, make sure to show some support as comments and likes make a huge difference in engagement. Follow me on my socials, comment on my website, etc. It’s much appreciated! I see all of you from all over the world. Let me know where you’re from!

Are you a blogger? Or are you interested in becoming a blogger? What have you learned so far, or are hoping to learn?

Let’s chat!

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With love,

Pris Wong

IG: lifewithpriswong

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