6 things you need to know before going to the National Women’s Show

Photo 2018-11-10, 11 07 28 AM.jpg
Photo 2018-11-10, 11 07 28 AM.jpg

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the National Women’s Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and it was a great time! This was my first time attending and there was A LOT going on. Let me just dive right in……..


1. There’s an early bird goodie bag. And plenty more freebies. BRING A BACKPACK!

If you plan to get there for when it opens, and aim to get that early bird goodie bag, I would suggest leaving a little bit earlier. The line up just may be crazy. Pictured below is everything I went home with after the event (and we didn’t walk and talk to every vendor)

I ended up carrying all of these in the reuseable bag provided, however, it might not hurt to bring your own backpack or bigger bag of some sort!


2. Clear your schedule because there are HUNDREDS of vendors

Hundreds of vendors from all over is at this very event. There is a booklet dedicated to the names of vendors! It’s pretty intense! There will be health and wellness companies, beauty companies, fashion, a big section on food because who doesn’t love food right? And plenty more. You will go home with possibly some extra money from the OLG scratch tickets (unless you spent it at the event, duh!), juices that you got on special, some rings and necklaces, a purse, free tongs or clips, free food samples to cook at home. You might even go home with a basket that you won at the event!

3. Wear comfy shoes

If you plan to walk around the entire event, wear comfy shoes. This will take you HOURS. I wore heels because I’m short and I needed that extra oomph for my photos. Might just be a bad idea if you plan to walk a lot!

4. Be prepared to connect with a lot of vendors

You will meet all sorts of people from all over. This is a great chance to network, get to know where your food comes from, discover new products! And plenty of chances to shop and bring it home! There will be amazing deals that you can only find at the event.

My blogger babes, this is a great networking opportunity!

5. There will be long line ups

Photo 2018-11-10, 9 14 20 AM.jpg
Photo 2018-11-10, 9 14 20 AM.jpg

My girls and I got there an hour before expected time, and there already were lots of people ahead of us. BUT, we still got goodie bags!


Photo 2018-11-10, 11 08 31 AM.jpg
Photo 2018-11-10, 11 08 31 AM.jpg

Photo 2018-11-10, 11 16 22 AM.jpg
Photo 2018-11-10, 11 16 22 AM.jpg

Butter Chicken with Coconut Basmati Rice
Butter Chicken with Coconut Basmati Rice

Butter Chicken with Coconut Basmati Rice

There will be line ups for food samples too… BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT BECAUSE SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!

6. There will be a coat check!

Perfect for the colder seasons if you got layers and a coat!! Though it will cost you a few dollars.

That’s all. Thanks for tuning in this week folks.

Let me know if you’ve attended any of the National Women’s Show and how your experience was! I would 100% attend again!

With love,

Pris Wong xo

IG: @lifewithpriswong

FB: Life with Pris Wong

Note: this post is in collaboration with National Women’s Show

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