The Body Shop: Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner Review


The Body Shop: Ginger Line - Shampoo & Conditioner Review for Dry Scalp & Weak Hair

Shampoo & Conditioner Review for Dry Scalp & Weak Hair

After hearing about these products for years and the mixed reviews, I finally decided to buy these and try them out myself! The months of September and October in Toronto, Canada were very mixed – some days were hot, some days were COLD. The temperature quickly dropped, which meant that my scalp became very dry, very fast as it usually does in the colder months.

So as per usual, I decided to put out a review!


This shampoo AND conditioner is both blended with a ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka, birch bark, white willow extracts and Community Trade honey. By using both products, you will receive the maximum results!
taken from
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This product is:

  • For dry scalp and weak hair
  • Suitable with sensitive scalp
  • Enriched with Community Trade organic aloe vera
  • Leaves scalp feeling and looking healthier
  • Leaves scalp feeling soothed and rebalance
  • Strengthens your hair
  • Moisturizes your hair and scalp



  1. I like that it has ingredients that strengthen and moisturizes not only the SCALP but your HAIR as well! From all the years of bleaching and coloring my hair, both my hair and scalp became drier than usual.
  2. The ginger smell is very light. Not what I expected for sure. I was thinking it would be very strong to me.
  3. The smell is also very relaxing.
  4. Has made my hair healthier and stronger.
  5. I have oily roots and this doesn’t make me want to wash my hair frequently! I used to wash it every 2-3 days. Now I can extend that to 4-5 days (of course with the use of dry shampoo on one or two days).


  1. The shampoo does not lather as well as I’d hope or expect.
  2. I have long hair, so I had to use a lot more product since it doesn’t lather as well as I’d hope
  3. I automatically associate that tingly feeling with the product doing its magic, however, without that feeling it still does makes me feel exceptionally clean. This product duo does not have that tingly feeling like Head & Shoulders does (which I personally love)

Final thoughts

Would I recommend?

Yes. I would recommend this product to those who have dry scalp and weak hair. If other popular brand name products like Head & Shoulders does not work for you, try this! It’s set at very reasonable prices.

Tip: I read awhile back that it’s not good to use conditioner every time you wash your hair (not sure if this is still the case or if it’s a myth) but regardless, some days I don’t feel the need to use it. But with these products – use both shampoo and conditioner. I recommend to use the conditioner following the shampoo. By using the conditioner after, this is what helps to bring that moisture into your hair and scalp, thus, strengthening your hair. It’s also not necessary to use it in your roots if you are oily like I am. Just from the mid- to end of the hair strands.

Always follow the labels and instructions, but also keep in mind what works best for YOUR body, YOUR skin, YOUR hair. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Use products multiple times different ways to really know what works for your skin.

It’s all about trial and error really!

To purchase the Ginger Shampoo, click here.

To purchase the Ginger Conditioner, click here.

That’s all folks! If there are any products you have tried that have helped your dry scalp, leave a comment.

Stay tuned for more product reviews! And make sure to keep up to date with me on my socials!

With love,

Pris Wong xo

IG: @lifewithpriswong

Facebook: Life with Pris Wong

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