8 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving



I’m finding myself sitting and wondering about all the unique responses that everyone is grateful for. It’s Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada, and I have decided to write a post ahead of my original schedule dedicated to Thanksgiving.

It’s a common tradition for families and friends to gather around the dinner table, and prior to eating, each person tells everyone what they are thankful for. I always knew about this tradition and seen it in movies or shows, however, I never experienced this until my university years. Now even then did I not participate because I was taken back by it. So, this got me thinking… does every family/group of friends participate in this? I also thought to myself, since this is a tradition, and I thought of this a few days in advance, I thought… why not express my gratitude through my blog this time!

So here are a few things that can often be overlooked….

I am thankful I have siblings, more specifically older siblings. Having siblings has changed my outlook on life. By having siblings, it taught me things about sharing, unconditional love, and more.


I am thankful for food and drinks that bring people together. Coffee, foodie dates and unlimited noodle places have brought me closer to many people in my life. Start of a new friendship or relationship are at the start of coffee or food, and it makes me so happy.


I am thankful for the power of music. Music brings people together, expresses our emotions for us.

It’s a love-hate relationship with my Anxiety, but I am thankful for it. It has helped shape me into who I am, but that is not all I am. I am stronger, more passionate, and more stubborn because of it. It’s helped me grow as an individual, as an adult, and so much more.

I am thankful for growing up in a Chinese family. Chinese culture is very family-oriented, even in eating food, we often cook in bulk! And wait for others to sit down all together to begin eating. So, if I’m ever cooking for myself, I’m really cooking for whoever else is hungry and that will eat. Better to have more than less (plus I tend to underestimate myself when eating sometimes)

I am thankful for my girlfriends that are like my sisters, my other halves. 2018 has taught us that our bond is like true sisterhood and the definition of having best friends. Y’all have a special place in my heart, and I love you.


I am thankful or my boyfriend. Cheesy, yes, but being in this relationship has taught me so much about myself, my partner, and my surroundings. He helps me through the lowest times in my life when it feels like my anxiety is consuming me. He keeps me laughing even when I’m mad at him and taught me so much about myself that I can’t even begin to describe. Home really is where you are. Thank you, Misiu.

Thankful for the good changes in the family! From one sister’s new condo, to my other sister’s wedding (planning)! She found her other half and is getting married. Best part, I’m obviously part of the bridal party! Good thing she loves planning, gives her one too many bridesmaids a little bit of a break! Thank you to my soon to be official brother-in-law for bringing home bubble tea and driving us around all the time!

Thanks for tuning in this week!

What are some things you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving? Are there any that you wouldn’t catch yourself saying out loud? Let me know!

With love,

Pris Wong xo

IG: @lifewithpriswong

Fb: Life with Pris Wong

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