8 Ways I Reduced My Anxiety Naturally



“Let me tell you something about anxiety: you cannot control it but you can take control over it.” – Pris Wong

Life happens. So does anxiety. It’s been recognized in the last few years now more than ever. #BellLetsTalk. But I go every day struggling with Her. (I’m going to refer to Her as Anxiety). Every day the battles are different – some days I’ll just constantly be questioning every decision I make and over think them. Other days I don’t think at all. Bad days – I give up, doubt myself, and question every little decision I have ever made. I view myself as useless, worthless, etc., you name it.

Fortunately, in the past few weeks I’ve had more clear days with Her. She will barely be lingering and I will only be questioning everything and overthinking it. So, pretty much the usual right? She doesn’t keep me up at night as much anymore (and believe me I was a SUPER CRANKY if my sleep was distributed one little bit) but now I know tomorrow will be another day to do more. That’s the problem. I don’t do enough. No really – work hours have slowed down (She is partially to blame). But I am diving my head into the Marketing/Blogging world that I have always wanted to dive into. And for that I am proud of myself – it’s an accomplishment. But even after a really productive day I want to do more. I CAN do more. But in order to do more, I need to personally fight the panic attacks, the self doubt, the LAZINESS…..

So how do I deal with all of it you may wonder? What’s helped me cope? Well here are the 8 things I do that have helped me and could help you too!

1. I NEED TO HAVE A MORNING ROUTINE. Set your bed, sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and reflect on the days tasks. Waking up the earlier the better honestly. Since working such early hours my internal clock wakes me up around 6am. No! I don’t actually get up at this time. I fall back asleep if it’s the weekend, and I wake up around 9-10am. Which is considered early for me because I used to sleep until noon.

2. MAKE A TO DO LIST. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be small too! Making a to-do list will make you feel accomplished. It tells yourself that you finished something. Yay! You finished a full work shift! Yay! You walked the two dogs! Yay! You finished the reading for your course!

3. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH LOVED ONES. Tell them how you’re feeling. Express to them your struggles, hear their advice. I know it may be difficult, but it helps so much. The support you get once you open up to someone, especially someone who understands you makes all the difference. I remember opening up to someone I knew for a long time because she too, was struggling herself. And after this, we bonded more. We understood each other.

4. HAVE SOME “ME TIME”. Meditate. Exercise. Go for a walk. Just do whatever you gotta to get your “me time” in at some point in your day. Ideally towards the end of the night. I prefer some quiet time before bed so my brain can relax. I used to sit down to a nice cup of Chamomile Tea (pure chamomile) then I gradually started liking a herbal chamomile mix. Also if you need some recommendations on calming/chamomile tea brands that are affordable, comment below!

5. FIND A HOBBY. As simple as that. Read a book, write, walk your dog! Do something to keep that brain occupied and creative! I’m happy that I have my blog now so I can focus on improving my social media presence and image.

6. LISTEN TO MUSIC. On your way to work, after your shower (I like to do this since I have a long post-shower routine), during your walk with the dog(s). Find a podcast (music, inspirational, audio book) whatever works for you.

7. Most importantly – JUST WAKE UP AND DO IT. This is where my struggles are really at when it comes to Her. Some days I wake up and I immediately recognize that my Anxiety is a little present – but what comes next determines how my morning will go. I may get ready and then start panicking for no reason then call it quits from work. I’m lucky enough to work with a boss who understands Anxiety and recognizes it in his own loved ones. Or I may recognize that the Anxiety is present, and choose to go to work. Despite the presence being very minimal (practically nothing) being able to fight the panic attack is an accomplishment. It’s very important for me to be able to TRY to fight it. Honestly I never really fought it – or knew how to.

8. If you have a panic attack: STOP AND RECOGNIZE HOW YOU FEEL, what you’re thinking about, where you are. After being able to recognize all of the above – ACCEPT IT. My panic attacks first started at a bus stop after I already left my house. I remember one morning at 6:30am I was waiting for the bus, there was another man there with me, and I fully had a panic attack – crying, difficulty breathing, wanting to quit. Another time, I recognized it, cried and walked away. Stopped at a park and called someone I knew would pick up and hear me (even if I didn’t make sense).

So a little note to my loved ones: Thank you to those that have been there for me during my bad times. The ones I’ve called crying because of my panic attack. Even if someone doesn’t know how to talk to you, they don’t have to talk. They just have to be there for you and understand that you are having a panic attack. Step away from work like I had to, take the time that you need – go for a walk, sit in the back room and cry until you can’t anymore. But KEEP GOING.

ALWAYS KEEP GOING. Never be afraid to talk to someone, and seek professional help if you must. It’s important to not let it take control over you. You must go on to do you every day of your life. If you are reading this, and need someone to talk to, I am here for you. Reach out to me. Let’s chat. Let’s be friends!

With love,

Pris Wong xo

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Note: this is in no way sponsored. All opinions are of my own. I am no professional!

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